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Fanmix & Art: Pheonix Wright - Building Bridges
Medium: Game
Fandom: Phoenix Wright
Subject: Bridges byjoshuaorrizonte 
Title: Building Bridges
Notes: Part of round one of pw_bigbang

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?5qbs92gkwb1a8n9
1) Never Let Me Down - Depeche Mode
2) What A Beautiful Day - Levellers
3) Garden Lullaby - Gary Stadler
4) Destiny - Vanessa-Mae
5) Black And Blue Again - Dave Gahan
6) Soul Sound - Sugababes
7) Bridges - Destiny's Child
8)- Psyche Lock (Arrangement)
9) Cry - James Blunt
10)- Not Like The Movies - Katy Perry
11)-Heard It All - Emilie Autumn
12) Like A Prayer - We Are The Fallen
13) Cradle - 志方あきこ
14) A Little Piece - Dave Gahan

Sprite image and Art at Deviant Art

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I just wanted to let you know I loved your work for my fic. The mix just pulled the mood of the fic right out (and I love new music aside, squee!), and the art and sprites were super-cute. I especially loved that Miles is wearing his "bratworth" outfit.

Thanks so much!

You're welcome, I'm glad you like them.

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